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26 November 2012 Leave a comment

2012 has been extremely active with IT maintenance and administration challenges, most notably the completion of a mew permanent structure and the decision to install Voice over IP communicatins for the entire umbrella of operations. In the permanent structure, my role was participatory only in regards to low-voltage for surveillance technology, but it was truly an interesting process. the Architect and general contracter were well organized and managed the project admirably. The VoIP project is now (Nov’12) coming down to deadlines, and is agressively attempting to achieve completion before years’ end. Several vendors were evaluated, one was chosen, based more on salesmanship and customer service than price, and now their project manangement skills are being demonstrated too.

Project management is something that I find lacking at this venue, from peer groups in other divisions. Many people claim to be “the project manager” and then remain silent during the life of the project, never disseminating minutes nor milestones nor pertinent dates. Only when prodded repeatedly can I have those bits divulged and then I receive complaints.

When I worked for Bank of America, 1995 – 2002, there was an entire devision devoted to change contrlol and project management. I witnessed the importance of those disciplines at the corporate level, and have found them entirely lacking in the small and medium sized businesses where I have since worked. Sometimes in the constant fray of IT Management, with the many conflicting #1 priorities, I see that regular detailed reports are challenging, but it is a constant reminder that status reports are essential to operations, as well as project management.

Tools and techniques have helped me maintain control of the 30 or 40 projects in some phase of progress at this time, and my iPad is the common platform. I use tools called Things from the Mac environment, and Reminders app for the tasks that carry over from MS Exchange, one tool for secondary and another for primary task mamangement.

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