Cloud Projects

Cloud computing is one of the buzz words for the first decade of the 21st century, but all it really is is a fancy word to describe internet based computing. Google is a good example of cloud computing, since you can maintain your files and projects and schedule without a local computing presence.  Amazon Web Services are another example of cloud computing, which offer IT departments scalable solutions in the clouds.  But, if you think about it, any website is also cloud computing, unless you host that website from your home.  The “cloudiness” refers mainly to the internet, as the internet is often depicted on a network diagrams as a cloud. One of the chief limitations of cloud computing is security, the security between resources. So if you have a database of client information and a website, then you need to maintain security within the database and websites, but also between the database and the website.  Ensuring that encrypted data from the secure database is delivered to the secured website is the challenge, as are the metrics which will help an organization measure the security effectiveness.


Some Cloud Computing Resources I use:

My internet projects are entirely for personal development, but my mission is to find a format that is appealing to others while I learn the under lying technology.

Web sites and domains in production:

Web Domains registered and under development:

Web Domains registered and no yet developed:

Domains registered and not yet developed are subject to sale to the highest bidder, or donation to a worthy cause; contact

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