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MacBookPro 17 died

16 December 2013 Leave a comment

Old faithful gave up the steam and I took her down to the Genius Bar. Given my years of experience with computes, I rationalize these days that debugging is my day job and my Mac at home gets doctored by the Mac team.

The Genius Bar guy said $310 maximum if its fixable, and that the most commonly replaced items are the keyboard and battery. That was Saturday and the expected time is three days for analysis.

The symptom was no power on, even though the power cable said there was a full charge (green light).

And I am calculating what might be a good replacement Mac, since the 17″ MacBook is no longer offered?

Mac Pages Viewer for Windows

21 November 2010 8 comments

I made a comment on a Blogger page in February 2010, that has garnered compliments from several folks, I thought it was minor at the time, but I’m glad it was of use to others. This was something I figured out while working as a Systems Administrator; one question that came to me at the Help Desk from one of the Insurance Claims Adjusters who received a document from an injured party and needed to read the document but could not.

The question pertains to receiving a “.pages” file either as an attachment or otherwise, on a Windows based PC and how to read that file.  A “.pages” file is the native format of a document from a Mac computer, the original PC.

The answer is “Opening a “.pages” file under windows is simple if you remember that “.pages” files are like a compressed collection of files. Associate WinZip or Winrar with “.pages” files on your windows platform, then double click on the .pages file and open the preview.pdf file within, you can then read the contents and save a local copy if needed. “

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