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Urban Wind Power

22 June 2010 Leave a comment

I spent some time prowling through Youtube recently looking at various videos on do-it-yourself vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) because I’ve been intrigued with that format of wind power generation for some time now.  My interest was spurred by a show I saw on HGTV, I think, with actor Ed Begley Jr, speaking about the installation of a slick looking VAWT in his home in Southern California. Initially my interest was captured by a youtube video was one where a home builder demonstrates how to build a Savonius wind turbine, starting with a plastic drum split in two parts and connected back together off-set to form a do it yourself VAWT. Later I stumbled upon another youtube example of a Savonius wind turbine driving a mechanical process to raise water to a capture barrel, which is superbly narrated with articulate detail, and thus my favorite in terms of information imparted to me. Finally there is a commercially produced video on urban turbines, that educated me further yet.

Essentially I’d like to erect a spire on my property that is relatively aesthetic yet capable of generating some electricity.  Solar voltaic remains very expensive and horizontal axis wind power are real bird killers, so vertical axis wind power it attractive to me.  The question is whether to pay for a retail unit or try to build one myself. I think I am willing to research the technology at this point so as to make an informed decision in the future.

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