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What killed all those birds and fish, and did the recent magnetic North change cause it?

13 January 2011 Leave a comment

Several days weeks ago news reports began appearing about mass fish and bird deaths from around the US and a smattering of places around the world. At the same time we started hearing how an airport that was closed to repaint the numbers on runways, since the magnetic North changed, again.  Again, so how often does the magnetic North change? More importantly, what caused those critters to die like that? Have the autopsies been performed, and so… what killed them? Besides theories, are there any scientific answers?

LiveScience reports that Magnetic North is hovering somewhere over the North Sea.

I read that some officials say that some groups of birds died due to blunt force trauma. Blunt force trauma from hitting the ground while unconscious. So that might explain the ultimate reason that the birds died, what killed the fish? Did the fish die a blunt force trauma too? Did the fish swim into something, then die, then wash up on the shore?

Others are pondering these issues besides me, here are a few links: CNN probes mass bird deaths, Wattsun’s Blog, Mike Adams the Health Ranger, reports mass bird kills in Louisiana and Arkansas, Alienpet13 has some logic to refute others’ stories (scroll down in his story on bird kills, but not too far down since alienpet13’s logic is all over the place?!).

One theory is that high altitude clouds of hydrogen cyanide are entering lower altitudes, invited there and contained there by shifts in the earth’s magnetism, and where ever the magically contained cyanide cloud goes it kills air breathing animals; but how would that hurt water breathing fish?

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