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Fresh Baked Bread

12 December 2004 Leave a comment

Today, I and my wife, tried yet another bread recipe, and we were rewarded with fabulous French Bread. The recipe was very basic in terms of ingredients merely water, yeast, salt and flour. The difference was plenty of time to rise.

We had tried white bread once before, where the result was terribly hard, doughy bread. The reciped said "perfect white bread" the results showed that we obviously did not follow the recipe very well. However, this time the bread is grrrrrrrrreat!

No bread machine here, only a Kitchen Aid mixer to prepare the dough initially, then kneading by hand, and letting it rise to double in size (an hour and a half). Then punch it down, knead it again slightly, and let rise again until double again (another hour). Finally, turn out the doubly-doubled bread and divide in two. Form two loves, place on greased and cornmealed cooking sheets, but do not cook it yet. Cut diagonal slits atop each loaf, paint on one whipped to slightly foamy egg white with one tablespoon water, and then let the loaves rest and rise until double again (another hour and a half). Finally pop them in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes, repaint with the whipped egg-water treatment, and bake another 20 minutes.

Check out those photos.


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