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I have been evaluating different iPad apps to deploy on the first of two iPads for one the departments. The requirements presently are form filling, and field-service report writing, so I have been looking at different apps for those purposes. The iPads do not yet have 3G connections, and wireless is not available in the clearance-required environment, so these will be non-wirelessly linked iPads for the duration of the year. FMGo will be one of the apps, since we have an existing FileMaker server infrastructure, but there are many forms that could be filled too. Form filling will likely be some sort of PDF Annotation app, for these I have been looking at (1) pdfReviewFree, (2) pdf-notes free, (3) Sign-N-Send free, (4) GoodReader, and (5) DocAS. Ultimately, a developer will be creating purpose-built FileMaker apps, converting paper-forms based data collection into an FMGo based alternative, but that will take time to write requirements and use cases, then work the agile-SDLC.

Although not part of the requirements, perse, a good tool for the creation and sharing of structured notes might also be of benefit: I use OmniOutliner for iPad presently, but I cannot organize collections of outlines into folders. I now have 60+ outlines covering six or more topics, sliding sloppily from side-to-side all jumbled together, and this presents an obstacle to continued efficient use of this app.

I do intend to use the iPad as a front end to a paper-reduction effort, with a FileMaker server backend, but that will require a wireless connection. We have a SuperContainer on Tomcat7 container for the documents, indexed in a FileMaker DB that will be ported over to the iPad using FMGo.

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